AP & College Credits

Most BG真人大游APP courses are taught at the advanced, AP and college-level, some of which receive college credit from CCNY. Certain college courses are also offered at CCNY through the College Now program.

Advanced Placement Courses

BG真人大游APP offers the following AP Courses:

AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics
AP Chemistry
AP Computer Science A
AP Environmental Science
AP English Literature & Composition
AP German Language & Culture
AP World History

All students will complete at least two Advanced Placement courses, as AP World History is the standard 9th and 10th grade social studies course and AP English Literature and Composition is the standard 11th grade English course.

Most students in the Advanced Engineering Program and Mount Sinai Biomedical Research Program take either AP Statistics or AP Calculus during their senior year. Students in the Math Concentration complete both of these courses by graduation.

CCNY College Credit Courses

BG真人大游APP offers the following courses for CCNY College Credit:

11th Grade Pre-Calculus (fall semester)
11th Grade Calculus (spring semester)
11th Grade Spanish 4
12th Grade CCNY Calculus III and Differential Equations
12th Grade Advanced Physics with Calculus
12th Grade Astronomy
12th Grade Economics
12th Grade Government

College Now

College Now is CUNY’s largest school-college partnership with the New York City secondary public school system. The program offers dual enrollment and college-readiness programs in more than 400 NYC high schools and enrolls over 20,000 students annually. In all, there are seventeen campus-based College Now programs which are overseen by a central office. Although the program varies from school to school and campus to campus, they are similar in terms of overall structure, implementation and goals.

BG真人大游APP students have an opportunity to individually sign up for various courses offered by College Now. All coursework and follow-up is completely the responsibility of the enrolled student, and parents are encouraged to oversee student planning and research of courses offered.

  College Now Application Process
  College Now Courses

BG真人大游APP students enroll in this program by contacting our College Now liaison, Assistant Principal Mr. Dolcy at sdolcy@join.bimetrika.com or (212) 281-6490 Ext. 1040


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